Gentle Emergence

Posted on Fri, 11 Apr 2014

Harnham’s IT department is benefiting from an upgrade with the arrival of Marc Piano from Myanmar (originally from Australia). The Puja gathering on Sunday 6th benefited from Luang Por Munindo’s contemplation on how it can be enough to love reality and leave feats of spiritual gymnastics to the gymnasts. George Sharp and Gobi were here for ...

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New Rhythm

Posted on Sun, 06 Apr 2014

Samanera Dhammavicayo returned on Wednesday from his sojourn in Santacittarama Monastero. Ajahn Punnyo travelled up on Thursday to Edinburgh to meet with the group there and in Glasgow. Ajahn Abhinando flew off on Friday to Spain to teach a retreat. Six new lay guests were staying on Saturday. On Sunday Luang Por Munindo is booked to ...

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Another Year

Posted on Sun, 30 Mar 2014

Ajahn Punnyo returned safely from his annual winter wanderings (tudong) around Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Tony Priest turned up as planned to install new cupboards in the kitchen. Our ever reliable electrician Kevin Vallely was here on Friday to fix a storage heater. Saturday saw a gathering of the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trustees. They all departed sufficiently ...

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Temple Doors Are Open

Posted on Sat, 01 Mar 2014

Two months of retreat have passed, one month remains. Please note, although the temple doors appear to be closed they are actually open – at least between 6am and 10pm. The damp has caused some swelling so you might have to give the (left-hand) door a bit of a tug first. Sometimes the way things appear ...

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Posted on Sat, 01 Feb 2014

One month down, two to go. No real sign of winter yet. More like an extended autumn. Plenty of signs though of diligent meditators. And plenty of signs of wildlife down at the lake. Hopefully they don’t think it’s spring. Each month during the Winter Retreat we have a silent week to potentize the atmosphere of ...

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Ajahn Chah and the Food Standards Officer

Posted on Fri, 17 Jan 2014

Our Winter Retreat proceeds harmoniously with the residents and support team appreciating this rare and precious opportunity. We are 4 bhikkhus, 2 samaneras, 4 anagarikas and 2 lay friends. On Thursday the Food Standards Officer called to check us out and went away happy, even impressed, by our ‘excellent standard’. That same evening, being the Luang ...

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Week Review

Posted on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

On Sunday Tan Gambhiro joined Ajahn Vajiro in Portugal for the next stage of his monastic training and Ajahn Abhinando joined local friends here at Harnham to write poetry. On Monday Venerable Vinita arrived from Sri Lanka and the local hunt rode through blowing their horn. On Tuesday Luang Por Munindo gave a talk at the ...

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Posted on Thu, 26 Dec 2013

As usual for this time of year, Kusala House accommodation is thoroughly booked up. From now until the first week of January, we expect to host guests from Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Malaysia, and USA, with a good number more local. A new novice – Samanera Phāsuko (originally from Holland) – has joined us for the ...

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Posted on Thu, 19 Dec 2013

Daniel completed covering the steep part of the board-walk with wire-netting so now it is safe to use during the winter. In between sessions in the kitchen, Rolf Henrik has been repainting the large room upstairs in No.2 Cottage – nearly finished. The last of the wild flower seeds for this year were sown on Tuesday, ...

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The Smile

Posted on Thu, 12 Dec 2013

It was smiles all round at the lake on Saturday with an energetic group of friends gathering for digging, planting, trimming and talking. Penny had bought in about 200 trees and shrubs, along with oodles of indigenous bulbs. And the warden at Bolam Lake donated another 40 trees. Mick-the-wood-worker from Carlisle was supposed to fit a ...

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