Posted on Fri, 10 Aug 2012

Late week’s posting reported that the sangha would be entering the annual three months retreat period on the day after Asalha Puja. All went to plan and was almost immediately followed with about 20 guests arriving to enter the annual Summer Lay Retreat. A break from the rain has enhanced the beauty of Harnham Hill with conditions conducive for walking meditation.

Fine weather has also brought back the builders who will (hopefully) finish work on the roof and guttering.

Talking about builders and entering, those of you who have visited the monastery recently might have noticed the deterioration of the doors at the front entrance to the Dhamma Hall. We are currently discussing options with a carpenter to see if we can get them fixed or replaced.

We have also been firming up arrangements with the builders of the board-walk and the kutis planned for down by the lake. And if this is not enough building, discussions are ongoing to repair the windows in the front of the main house.

This can all seem like a lot. Whether it is a lot or a little however depends on how we view it. So we will see how we get on.