Active Weekend

Posted on Fri, 24 Aug 2012

Ajahn Punnyo looking after trees at Harnham

The Lakeside Volunteer Day last weekend was a great success. Nearly a dozen volunteers, assisted by almost the entire community at Harnham worked themselves through the lush ‘undergrowth’ of our sapling forest with shears, strimmers and mowers, giving our emerging trees some breathing space. The only one missing for most of the action was Ajahn Abhinando who assisted our local countryside warden Francis with the traditional ‘Bolam Walk’ she organises twice a year. The walk takes interested ramblers from Bolam Lake to Harnham, where they get a guided tour and a chance to ask questions about Buddhism, meditation and our community. Uncertain weather conditions meant that this time only nine people joined the walk; but those were all the more interested.

The Study & Practice Day on Sunday attracted even more than a dozen people taking the opportunity to meditate, listen to Dhamma reflections and discuss. Everyone who came seemed to be very content with a well spent day. The next Study & Practice Day will be held on Sunday 23rd September at Kusala House on the topic of Not-Self. It starts at 9:30am, with the finish aimed for at 6pm. The next Lake Volunteer Day will again precede this by one day, taking place on Saturday the 22nd from 8:30am to 5pm, giving you the opportunity to book yourself (and your friends) in for the whole weekend, if you are interested in combining some study and meditation with wholesome outdoor work, supporting us in developing the new property. Attendance for either of these events does not require any booking unless you wish to stay overnight. Just bring along your interest and suitable closing: comfy for meditation, sturdy and weatherproof for gardening.

Meanwhile at the monastery things keep ticking along in a quietly efficient way. A lot of work has been done repainting wooden walls, doors and windows. We feel lucky to have a continuing stream of visitors, joining us not only for meditation and intellectual study but also showing much willingness and skill in helping us with the various renovation projects.

Ajahn Abhinando is off again, to teach yet another retreat, this time in Spain, where apparently more than 50 people are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put their knees down to study and practice together in Avila, the European town with the highest altitude – which is very convenient considering the current temperatures in lowland Spain.

This Saturday the Dhamma reflections after evening puja will be offered by Ajahn Puñño.