Taking Care of the Trees

Posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2012

If you plan to drive to the monastery in the near future you will notice that the front gates have been closed. Our neighbouring farmer has animals in the field again so please do all take care. Of course taking care is always a good idea. Right now Tan Ariyo is taking care of giving instructions to the contractors that we expect to build the board-walk and 3 kutis. Rit and Laszlo from Durham are taking care of the cost of repairing the front doors to the Dhamma Hall. Cesare, our good friend from Milano, is here for an extended visit and amongst other things is taking care of the health of the community with his acupuncture needles.

On Friday we have all been invited to visit Bee and Kin in Ponteland to offer a house blessing. If things go to plan, Ajahn Abhinando will return from Spain just in time to participate. This Saturday evening is the first Saturday of the month so the expectation is that Luang Por Munindo will be giving the Dhamma talk. Maybe he will talk about how taking good care is linked to living a life of mindfulness and simplicity.