At a Leisurely Pace

Posted on Fri, 07 Sep 2012

Preparing the board-walk

Ajahn Abhinando and Ajahn Puñño met only briefly when the former arrived back from teaching a retreat in Spain and the latter left for a six day walk into central Northumberland at the end of last week. More than sixty people attended the meditation retreat in Avila, whereas Ajahn Puñño’s venture is likely to have been a more solitary affair. We hope that the encounters during his alms rounds in the local villages will have provided him with enough food to sustain his well-being and meditative practice. He should have returned by the time you read this blog.

At the monastery things keep ticking over at a leisurely pace. Visitors from the UK and abroad keep coming and going, sharing our pujas and the contemplative space of the monastery and its surroundings with us, as well as helping with the various projects.

The new Hilltop is out and if you receive a printed copy, will have been posted to you by Mai from Manchester. If not, you can see it on the website, or pick up a copy at the monastery. Luang Por Munindo and Tan Gambhīro keep working on the new website for the monastery which should soon be ready to go live. Other community members are involved in various small renovation projects and Ajahn Abhinando is off again, this time teaching at the groups in Scotland. Our contractor meanwhile has started preparatory work for the construction of the boardwalk and huts by the lake.

This weekend, on Saturday we will have the Lay Discussion Group, starting at 17:30 at Kusala House.

And in case you are interested and have time you can already note down the events for the following weekend: on Saturday the 22nd from 8:30am to 5pm we will have the next Lake Volunteer Day, on Sunday the 23rd the next Study & Practice Day, this time on the topic of Not-Self. It starts at 9:30am, with the finish aimed for 6pm. If you are interested in combining some study and meditation with wholesome outdoor work, you can take the opportunity to book yourself in for the whole weekend. Attendance for either of these events does not require any booking unless you wish to stay overnight. Just bring along your interest and suitable closing: comfy for meditation, sturdy and weatherproof for gardening.