Posted on Fri, 14 Sep 2012

A delivery of firewood

While the so called Northumbrian Summer is making its final efforts to bless us with decent weather we are already preparing for the colder times ahead. Thanks to the generosity of Lisa and Chan we received a new load of fire wood – as you can see in the photo – which should help to keep our gas and electricity bills down again during the coming winter.

Before that purported winter gets under way we aim to get a good portion of the board-walk and all the lake side huts constructed. Last week two generous donations, one of £10,000.-, towards the northwest hut and several more, totalling £1500.-, towards the boardwalk made a significant contribution towards the financial securing of the project. Work on the ground has so far not passed the preparatory stages, but in the coming week one of our contractors is scheduled to ‘start in earnest’.

We are looking forward to having Alex from Edinburgh here over the weekend, fixing the program on the computer in the Kusala House Library. If all goes well, managing our library should run more smoothly in future. On Saturday Ajahn Abhinando is welcoming visitors for Questions & Answers at 17:30 in the Kusala House shrine room, to be followed by a Dhamma talk in the evening by one of the Ajahns. And Sunday will be Luang Por Munindo’s 61st birthday.

In case you are interested you can already note down the events for the following weekend: on Saturday the 22nd from 8:30am to 5pm we will have the next Lake Volunteer Day, on Sunday the 23rd the next Study & Practice Day, this time on the topic of Not-Self. It starts at 9:30am, with the finish aimed for 6pm. If you are interested in combining some study and meditation with wholesome outdoor work, you can take the opportunity to book yourself in for the whole weekend. Attendance for either of these events does not require any booking unless you wish to stay overnight. Just bring along your interest and suitable closing: comfy for meditation, sturdy and weatherproof for gardening.