Posted on Fri, 05 Oct 2012

Our new Maintenance Man in action

The theme at Harnham during the week just passed has been arrivals. The wood for constructing the board walks by the lake finally arrived on Wednesday morning. That means our contractor should be starting to bang stakes into the ground the day this blog is going public – which is Friday the 5th.

Another arrival is Paul, our new maintenance man. The monastery’s trustees are hiring him for 12 hours a week to help us cope with the increasing amount of grounds work and maintenance on the buildings. Paul is a practising Buddhist and long term meditator who appreciates the opportunity to live and work part time in our monastic environment. He stays with us from Monday evening to Thursday morning, putting in his paid hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

And also the Germans keep arriving. After Tan Bodhinando’s parents stayed a week ago, now Ajahn Abhinando’s mother, Uncle Fred and a friend arrived from Hamburg. With six Germans at Puja the discerning might notice a peculiar accent in the chanting.

Uncle Fred is one who likes to keep his hands busy while he contemplates. It took him less than an hour after his arrival to ask for the keys to the workshop. At 75 years of age he won’t be rolling boulders around for us anymore but he has already started to put his handyman skills to a number of fiddly repair jobs.

Last not least on the list of arrivals are the Forest Sangha calendars for 2013, which have been sponsored for printing again by the Katannuta Group. We will start to distribute them on our Kathina festival day, which this year will take place on Sunday the 11th of November.

This Saturday 6th October is the first Saturday of the month, so Luang Por Munindo is poised to give a Dhamma Talk on the theme of this month’s calendar verse during the evening Puja. At 5:00pm on the same day Dr Adrian Bint is expected as usual to lead the Beginners Meditation Class in the Kusala House shrine room. All are welcome.