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A Spring Confluence

Picture: Ajahn Abhinando and Ajahn Punnyo

The New Moon for the month of May falls tomorrow, Thursday 4th May. May means Vesak in the Buddhist calendar (Visakha Puja: the occasion of the Buddha's birthday, Enlightenment and passing away). Although the actual date is Friday 20th, here at Aruna Ratanagiri we plan to celebrate it on Sunday 22nd. There will be 2 periods during the day when everyone can participate: morning mealtime and evening puja. See ANNOUNCEMENTS for details. Last weekend, the confluence of Ajahn Punnyo's returning from his year away and Abhinando's 50th birthday gave rise to considerable happiness. Ajahn Punnyo's Mother, Father and siblings paid a surprise visit on Saturday to see their son. On the same day several other guests joined in with the Lake Work Day, getting a good amount of Spring maintenance done. Ajahn Abhinando's birthday on Sunday was a fitting occasion to invite him to deliver the evening puja Dhamma talk.

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