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A Steady Stream

Picture: Ajahns Punnyo (left) and Sripunnyo (right)

The New Moon for this month falls today, Friday 23rd June; the next Full Moon will be Friday 8th July, Asalha Puja. The very welcome and steady stream of sangha visitors continued through most of May and June, with Luang Por Tiradhammo, Ajahn Siripannyo and Tan Pesalo departing only a few days ago. At puja on Sunday 18th Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma teaching called Transmuting Suffering . He then left on Wednesday 21st for a week's travelling around UK with his Kiwi friend, ex-bhikkhu Jotiko (a.k.a Dr. Mark Overton). Samanera Issaro is expected to arrive today from Amaravati, Ajahn Sambodhi is expected from Czechia on 30th June and Tan Mandali is expected from Portugal on 5th July. All plan to be resident at Harnham for the annual vassa (3 months Rains Retreat) which begins next Full Moon on 8th July. Our Kitchen Manager for the past 11 months, Justin, has asked to take up the anagarika training as has Dan Munshi. Maxine from Malaysia is about to arrive and will help in serving the community as volunteer Kusala House Manager.