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An Even Greener Harnham

(picture: Will Dwyer)

The combination of wild rain (in the morning) and warming sunshine (in the afternoon) made for a dynamic Lake Work Day last Saturday. The tender green leaves of the cherry, oak, hazel, alder, hawthorn and guilder-rose all loved it. Similarly the ash, willow, rowan, aspen, birch, blackthorn, elder and pine. Samanera Indapannyo’s father seemed to enjoy spending time with his son. Anagarika-to-be Will Dwyer, was clearly happy to be back with us. Sunday afternoon saw a somewhat smaller than usual attendance for Ajahn Abhinando’s Practice/Study Day. On Sunday evening Ajahn Abhinando offered a talk on mindful relaxation and learning from the mistakes we make. Ajahn Punnyo’s date for departure to Thailand is fast approaching – May 19th. Ajahn Kalyano’s Lay Retreat is about to begin on Sunday 17th. From 18th-24th May is a Silent Practice week at the monastery then Luang Por Khumpong is expected to visit us from 25th-27th May.