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Another New Year

(picture: garden shrine)

The Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust meeting last Saturday 11th happened in an harmonious and efficient manner. The next day, Sunday 12th, SE Asia’s New Year’s Day (Songkhran), happened in a crowded and chaotic, but never-the-less friendly and festival-like manner. On Sunday evening Luang Por Munindo spoke at puja on the risks of spiritual hubris in a talk called, A Fresh Start. Various guests have been coming and going. Various of our outlying groups have been visited e.g. Leeds and Carlisle. Today, Friday 17th April is a New Moon day so many of you will have received the fortnightly Dhammapada Reflection, this week on Compassion. Sunday 19th will be our first Study/Practice Day with the new starting time of 1.30 pm. The theme is The Life of the Buddha. Next week, Saturday 25th is our first Lake Work Day of the year and we hope many of the community will turn up. Note also that the week after that, Sunday 3rd May is Vesak.