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Anywhere, Anytime

Picture: Private shrine at Aruna Ratanagiri

The New Moon for this month fell last Monday, 4th July. Last Sunday 3rd July, Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called Going for Refuge to Reality, which discussed developing a practice that is applicable anywhere, anytime. Such a practice includes accommodating the apparently endless drizzle of an English summer. For Ajahn Abhinando it included being struck down with a high fever which resulted in his returning early from the tudong he was on. He is now on the mend. Samanera Jinavaro's sister visited from Nepal. Otherwise there is not a great deal happening on the Hill these days. One Anagarika is quietly learning to sew robes for his Going Forth (pabbajja) on Sunday 17th July. Ajahn Punnyo visited the Morpeth Group last Monday and will visit the Edinburgh group later this week. Ajahn Abhinando will visit Serbia on Friday, if he is fully recovered.

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