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Approaching Kathina

Picture: Repainting Mangala House garage

The Full Moon for this month, Pavarana Day, which is the end of the vassa 2016 (rainy season retreat), falls on Sunday 16th Oct. Before the temperatures drop too low the sangha have been attending to some outdoor repairs and redecoration at Mangala House. Also it would be nice to have the place presentable in time for Kathina on Sunday 23rd. There is still a way to go, with plasterers, tilers, builders and electricians on site. Ajahns Sucitto, Amaro and Candasiri, along with a goodly number of other sangha members have let us know they plan to join us for the day. None of this work has unduly interfered with normal monastic life. There has been a retreat led by Ian Plagaro at Kusala House. Ajahn Abhinando visited the Scottish groups. Luang Por Munindo expects today to oversee the planting of 2 apple trees dedicated to his late mother. Next Saturday 15th October is billed as a Lake Work Day, but it might end up being a Mangala House work day.

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