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Picture: Luang Por Munindo sitting beside Loch Oich

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Saturday 8th July, Asalha Puja Day; the next New Moon will be on Sunday 23rd July. Luang Por Munindo arrived back from his travels last Thursday 29th June, the same day as Samanera Jayamangalo arrived back from Italy. Ajahn Sambodhi arrived from Czechia the next day, and Ajahn Abhinando the day after that (for a 2 day stop-over). Tan Mandali arrived from Portugal on Wednesday 5th July. Justin-the-kitchen-manager requested the 8 anagarika precepts on Sunday 2nd July at evening puja and Luang Por offered a teaching called Moving On. The last Lakeside Work Day (Harnham Lake that is, not Loch Oich) on Saturday 24th June was very successful; anyone interested in joining us for the next one on Saturday 15th July will be very welcome. We have heard from the local council that our application for Planning Permission to situate the Borobudur Buddha rupa beside the lake has been recommended for approval, which means we can start constructing the substantial plinth on which we wish to place it. 

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