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Autumn Light

Saturday 20th September was a community Lake Work Day and considerable progress was made on the island. It is now fully visible above the surface of the water. In the late afternoon Ajahn Abhinando returned from the group meeting in Leeds and in the evening Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk on Happiness Guaranteed. At puja on Sunday Ajahn Punnyo spoke on Euanimity. The heating in the Dhamma Hall is working again, just in time for the drop in temperature. This year’s shipment of Dhamma books and calendar, printed in Malaysia by the Kataññuta Publications Group, arrived on Wednesday and will be available for distribution at our Kathina, 19th October. On Friday we expect a substantial number of Thai friends to join us as Ajahn Sawaeng begins leading a weekend meditation retreat. This next week, 29th Sept – 5th Oct, is set aside as a monastic retreat week so please excuse us if we are perhaps not as available as usual.

Autumn shrine