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We are benefitting these days from the delightful company of Ajahn Sudanto from The Pacific Hermitage in USA and Ajahn Siripannyo of Dtoa Dtum Monastery in Thailand. With pleasant anticipation we look forward to next week and the joy of having Luang Por Tiradhammo with us. Last Sunday Marc Piano requested and received the anagarika precepts and Luang Por Munindo spoke about the skill of Resolving to Begin Again. On Wednesday Ajahn Abhinando took leave for four weeks travelling in Europe – initially teaching in Romania then spending time with his Mutter and Vater in Hamburg. Rion Willard, an architect from London, has been and gone, generously offering his services in addressing the difficulties we have with the north-facing aspect of our old, weather-beaten, (listed) buildings. If you receive our Hilltop Newsletter you can read more there about the advantages in dealing with this and associated slightly tricky issues. For those who like to plan ahead, our year planner for 2015 has been uploaded here in 14 different languages.