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Blue Sky

(picture: Mark Overton)

Luang Por Munindo is away this week on his sojourn with Mark, taking in Wales and the West Country, with a stop-off for several days at Cittaviveka Monastery in West Sussex. Meanwhile Ajahn Abhinando is at the helm. On Sunday evening he shared some reflections on Right Mindfulness (no recording available). Recent weather has been challenging. We are hoping though that it might clear up before the weekend with a Lake Work Day on Saturday 6th June and the Practice/Study Day on Sunday 7th June. Last Thursday Bhikkhu Thitapannyo arrived safely from Abhayagiri Monastery in California and seems to be settling in well. Actually he came from the east coast of US where he had been visiting his parents. It is the time of year when we refresh the finishing on the Dhamma Hall floor. Also it's the time of year when we think about whether we need to clean the monastery chimneys.