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Borobudur Buddha

Picture: The Borobudur Buddha by the lake

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Thursday 5th October, which is Pavarana Day, marking the end of this year's Rains Retreat (vassa); the next New Moon will be on Thursday 19th October. Vassa this year was exceptionally rewarding and memorable. Our accommodation was fully occupied by an harmonious, cooperative sangha and we express Anumodana to the generous supporters who made this possible. Appreciation also to all those who participated in the Lake Work Day on Saturday 23rd September. The early autumn weather with morning mist and crisp air made the day especially pleasing. Work at Mangala House was this time also included. The lay retreat led by Ian Plagaro last weekend went well. Luang Por Munindo offered his first-Sunday-of-the-month Dhamma talk on Sunday 1st October with a talk titled, For The Benefit Of All. Appreciation also to Martin and Pete Reilly who came down from Scotland on Saturday 30th September to help install the Buddha rupa by the lake. Relocating a wee mouse and her baby from where they were nesting under the plinth was the only minor glitch in an otherwise very smooth process. Moving half a metric ton of stone takes skill and it is very good to see the job completed. The ceremonial dedication of the new rupa will take place following the Kathina when the donors, Ian Donaldson and his wife Pawan will be here. Next Sunday 15th October is the date set for the offering of the Kathina cloth this year. Here are the details of how to contact the organizers. We happily anticipate being joined by a good number of sangha friends including Luang Por Tiradhammo, Ajahn Sucitto, Ajahn Jutindharo and Ajahn Karuniko. 

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