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Bucolic Surroundings

Picture: The bucolic surroundings of Harnham Hill

We were happy to have had Ajahn Jaras visit with us; now he has left en route to Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland. We had a great visit from Tan Thitapannyo's parents who have also left, just in the opposite direction en route to USA. For most of last week the monastery was in silent mode with very little coming and going. Yesterday, Ajahn Abhinando returned from his annual visit with his parents and tomorrow he will join Dhamma friends in Edinburgh, then Glasgow, for their group meetings. Today Ajahn Punnyo joins the group in Carlisle for their meeting. Last Saturday Cesare from Milano joined us, happily avoiding potential disruptions threatened by French airport workers. At last Sunday evening's puja Luang Por Munindo guided the community contemplating the goal of practice in a talk called, 'Don't Just Read the Map'. On Monday Julian (who distributes books and CDs for arrived for a week's stay.

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