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Business As Usual

Picture: kitchen manager, Justin-from-France

Justin is already well settled into kitchen managing although because of the retreat he is having this week off. The 22 or so retreatants on our annual Summer Retreat, led as usual by Ajahn Abhinando, have also settled in, with Rolf Henrik and Jonathan taking care of the kitchen. Luang Por Munindo offered the usual first-Sunday-of-the-month Dhamma talk, this time on the theme of Contributing Something Beautiful. The monastery gardens are a delight, once again as usual for this time of year. Apparently a good number of native orchids have been spotted thriving down by the lake, but that is not usual, it's new. Kim Wolf-Murray, who lived here about 27 years ago as Sobhano Bhikkhu, has been to visit with a view to taking on some of the redecorating work at Mangala House. Anybody interested in being part of the volunteer team could contact Penny. Axel Wasmann, who lived here about 14 years ago as Revato Bhikkhu, is expected to visit later next week. Also later next week, Saturday 20th August to be exact, we have a Lake Work Day. Followed on Sunday 21st with a Practice Study Day, this time on the theme of the fourth of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Proceedings beginning as usual at 1pm.

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