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Clear Blue Skies

Picture: Mangala House

The New Moon for this month falls next Thursday 12th January 2017. Last Saturday 31st December we ended the year with a large, happy, harmonious gathering of friends, sitting in the Dhamma Hall, reflecting on how we take responsibility for what has been and how to prepare for what might be to come. Luang Por Munindo spoke about setting up goals in a skilful and effective way. Then, during the final approximately 45 minutes of 2016, we participated in the traditional Forgiveness and Aspiration Ceremony. Later, the ritual offerings were collected and stored securely, until the next building project, when they will be mixed in with the foundations. Sunday, the first day of the new year, dawned clear and bright. During the day we welcomed two groups: the first around meal-time, taking the 5 Precepts and offering food, the second around mid-afternoon, taking the 5 Precepts and listening to a Dhamma talk. Next Sunday, January 8th, will mark the beginning of our annual Winter Retreat. What changes is the amount of outer activity we engage with. For the next three months work projects will be kept to a minimum and we wont be offering general guest accommodation. Emails and phone messages will be acknowledged, but it is likely to take longer. These regular news/blogs will be reduced to once a month. May your health be hearty and your winter rewarding.