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Community Spirit

(picture: Vesak circumambulation)

The recent Full Moon coincided with a weekend, which probably contributed to the considerable crowd we had staying; Kusala House was packed. And of course it was the Buddha’s birthday celebration! Beautiful candle-holders offered by Jenny and friends from Malaysia, adorned the shrine; stylized lotus lanterns made by Mame and friends illuminated a circumambulation of the lake. We were particularly happy to welcome a number of the Leeds Dhammapala group for the long weekend. Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk on Sunday evening called, ‘A Small Problem with the Gong’, contemplating the theme of gratitude to The Buddha. His talk also commented on Ajahn Chah’s teaching (from the calendar page) about taking personal responsibility for our wild unruly nature. Our architect friend Rion Willard has been here this week with his ideas for how to get more seating space for visitors at the meal-time, at the same time creating a new scullery/larder which we hope will fit where Penny's office (hut) presently sits. If you are interested in being a part of this project do be in touch. Next Saturday (9th May) will be another Lake Work Day. It is expected this will be followed on 10th May with a Practice/Study Sunday led by Ajahn Abhinando - Part 2 on the theme of The Life of the Buddha.