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(picture: Abramina Nouwt)

Last week Abramina returned to Holland. This weekend we hosted the Annual General Meeting of the monastery's Trust body, HBMT. Everything seems to be in order; no big surprises. The trustees offered Luang Por Munindo a Field Maple, marking entry into his 40th Rains Retreat (vassa). Also over the weekend Rion, our architect-friend from London has been with us. He explained to the trustees his plans for building the new larder/scullery/eating area. Initial details are available at the website for anyone interested in contributing and further details to follow. At Sunday Evening puja Luang Por offered a Dhamma talk called, Little Letting Goes and Big Letting Goes, introducing the theme for tomorrow's Full Moon, The 4 Noble Truths. Thursday 30th July, will be Full Moon Day, Asalha Puja, which is the occasion for us to recite the Buddha's first Discourse, Dhammaccakkappavattana Sutta. Next day, Friday, is the beginning of the annual monastic Rains Retreat. On Sunday 2nd August, Ajahn Abhinando begins stewarding a full-house of retreatants, hopefully towards silence, simplicity and contentment.