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(picture: 2015 Kathina-season Almsgiving)

Cooperation was the theme of the day at Sunday's festival. It began with an energetic crowd of Thai university students arriving early to help with parking and general preparations. We seem to have succeeded in not disturbing our neighbours this year and once again David Robson helpfully allowed us to use his fields. It was a wonderful, warm, sunny and spiritually nourishing day. In the afternoon Luang Por Munindo delivered a Dhamma talk on 'Building on Goodness'. At evening puja Ajahn Amaro offered a Dhamma talk on 'Forgiveness and Renewal'. Yesterday, Tuesday, and today, Wednesday, sees the senior sangha members deliberating over various topics of community concern at an Elders Council. These meetings take place twice a year, usually alternating between Amaravati, Cittaviveka and here. Our guests will all be gone by Thursday; then it is our turn to join in their festivals.