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Picture: Ajahn Anando visiting

The New Moon for this month falls next Wednesday 28th December. Last Friday Ajahn Abhinando arrived back from his sojourn in Spain and Portugal, promptly launching into leading a Practice and Study day on Sunday. Since this was the last P&S day for the year (and maybe for a lot longer) the participants formally offered appreciation to Ajahn Abhinando for his generosity and commitment in leading these inspiring events. Ajahn Punnyo gave a guided meditation at Sunday evening puja. On Monday Ajahn Anando departed, back to Amaravati. Our architect, Rion-from-London has been and gone, having filled us in on developments with the new scullery/larder/porches project. It seems at least some of the contracts have already been signed and work is due to begin late March. Work on repairing crumbling ceilings in Number 2 Cottage should begin early January, which will mean a certain amount of disruption in using the Reception room. However, now we have Mangala House, any disruption or inconvenience should be minimal.

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