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Down By The Lake

Picture: all 6 signets surviving well this year

The New Moon for this month falls today, Monday 21st August; the next Full Moon will be on Monday 5th September. This week is a Silent Practice Week at the monastery, until Saturday evening, 26th August. The two weeks prior to that saw a certain amount of activity. The cement was poured as planned for the plinth by the lake. A date has now been set for a formal inauguration of the new shrine there following the Kathina Ceremony on 15th October. Luang Por Munindo delivered a Dhamma talk on Sunday 13th titled Caring without Clinging. Rion, our architect-from-London, has been to visit and discussed matters related to the big project here on top of the hill. Unfortunately it seems the builder we thought we had lined up are not so interested in the job which probably means searching for other builders. Today's Dhammapada Reflection is on the theme of the power of delusion. If you are not signed up to receiving our fortnightly Dhammapada verse and comment and wish to do so, here is the link.

Lake  02