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Before our friend Herman-from-Holland departed he helped remove the wasp’s nest from Luang Por’s amenity shed. The earlier hostile inhabitants had departed (or terminated) once the temperature had dropped sufficiently. We hope they find somewhere nice for next year, just not here. At the HBM Trust meeting on Saturday a decision was taken to stop producing the HILLTOP Newsletter, after about 30 years. A decision was also taken to dismantle the Monastery Committee, after about 24 years, replacing it was a Monastery Management Group (the website should supply details shortly). At Sunday evening’s puja Ajahn Punnyo spoke about meeting the unsatisfactoriness of life. Having just attended the funeral of the father of a friend of his, he was well-placed to reflect on the theme. A courier arrived on Monday delivering the ashes of another friend who had recently passed away, their having requested that their remains be interred here. A local print shop has completed the printing of our well-wishing New Year’s card. The Kataññuta Publishing Group in KL has sent the printer’s proof of our Forest Sangha Calendar 2016. On Friday we anticipate receiving a thumbs-up after a safety check of the lakeside kutis.