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Endings and Beginnings

(picture: anagarikas Giovanni and Martin)

Winter Retreat 2015 is drawing to a close. It wasn’t much of a winter, but it definitely felt like we had more than our fair share of wind. It even drove one member of the Retreat Support Team home early. It didn’t stop the generous supporters from supporting and for that we are very grateful. It has been a privileged time. Nothing stopped Giovanni (Italian) and Martin (French) from requesting anagarika precepts on the New Moon day of 19th March. We sincerely hope nothing stops Ajahn Abhinando from returning next week. Also next week we look forward to Anthony-from-Newcastle joining us as Kitchen Manager for a year. This weekend the clocks will go forward an hour meaning that from Sunday 29th March the midday meal offering should take place around 11.15 am, instead of the current 11.00 am. The following weekend is Easter, providing an opportunity for various friends to spend time here. It can be expected that Luang Por Munindo will offer a Dhamma Talk at evening puja on Sunday 5th April. It can also be expected that these bulletins will again appear weekly.