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(picture: model of proposed re-building)

Last week, Ajahn Abhinando guided a committed group of diligent meditators through this year's Summer Retreat. Most participants departed on Saturday, some on Sunday, thoroughly enriched and inspired. Sunday evening's Dhamma Talk by Luang Por was called Victory and Defeat, reflecting on how we are often fooled by the way things appear to be. We are currently envisioning Harnham Monastery with a proper larder, scullery and lay visitor's eating area, hopefully without encumbering ourselves in the process. If the plans haven't already been submitted for consideration by the council, they soon should be. More details have been put up on the relevant webpage for those who might be following this process. Robert Eckermann from Heidelburg, Germany, has arrived for a longish stay. It has been a longish time since he was last living here, 27 years, then he was Thanasilo Bhikkhu. Several snazzy examples of his exceptional carpentry skills still adorn various corners of our monastery. Herman Ettema from Ijmuiden, Holland, is about to arrive for a longish stay. It has been 25 years since he lived here as Anagarika Herman. This approaching weekend we expect Jenny Chin and family from Leeds to be staying, just in time to lend a hand at this month's Lake Work Day on Saturday 15th. Since this is August there is a lot more mowing and weeding and trimming than usual, so the more hands the better.

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