Evening Pujas - Live streamed

During this time of social upheaval, it is our intention to make available live-streaming of our evening pujas on most days of the week. Up to date details can be found at our online calendar.

Click on this link for the nightly puja.

The schedule is (approximately) as follows -

- 6.55pm: Livestream begins
- 7.00pm: Opening Homage
- 7.05pm: Silent meditation
- 7.30pm: Evening Chanting - Chanting book Vol.1, p18
- 7.30pm: (On Saturdays - Dhammacakka Sutta Vol.2, p 3)
- 7.40pm: Discourse on Cultivating Kindness - p 37
- 7.45pm: Verses on Sharing and Aspiration - p 33
- 7.50pm: Livestream ends 

The Amaravati Chanting book can be downloaded for free (for non-commercial purposes)  here .

If you are interested in listening to a dhamma talk our audio library can be found here. Currently the talk given by Luang Por Munindo on Saturday evening is uploaded the next day, Sunday.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the broadcast do feel free to contact us - 

We hope you find participating in these regular sessions of meditation and chanting supportive in your spiritual practice.

May all beings be well.

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