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picture: Sewing lessons, Samanera Jayamangalo and Anagarika Will

It was announced at the recent Elders Council meeting at Amaravati that Anagarika Will will soon be taking Samanera Precepts (probably on Sunday 17th July, which is also Asalha Puja Day). It was announced at the same meeting that in a year's time, around May 2017, Ajahn Abhinando will probably be moving to live in Switzerland, beginning a process of taking over as abbot of our monastery there. At last Sunday night's puja Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma reflection titled 'Helpful Ways of Wanting'. Ajahn Punnyo is expected to arrive back from Thailand this next Friday 29th April. Members of our extended community are expected to be here on Saturday 30th April for the first Lake Work Day of the year. From 29th April until 1st May a Sri Lankan monk, Venerable Vishuddhi Bhikkhu from Glasgow, is expected to be visiting us. Ajahn Abhinando has accepted an invitation to mark his 50th birthday by offering the Dhamma talk on Sunday 1st May.