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Friendly and Helpful Guests

Picture: Luang Por Munindo and Ajahn Sawaeng

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Friday 9th June; the next New Moon will be on Friday 23rd June. The sangha gathering at Amaravati last month was attended by approx 120 bhikkhus, siladhara, samaneras and anagarikas. The entire event ran exceptionally smoothly and having Luang Por Leim, Luang Por Sumedho, Luang Por Anek and Luang Por Jundee present produced extra rich blessings. The glorious weather, the harmonious concord of so many committed Dhamma practitioners, and the opportunity to share in the diversity of our community, gave rise to a lot of joy. Now here back on the Harnham Hill we have been benefiting from the company of several of the other participants. Luang Por Tiradhammo is with us until Monday 19th June, Ajahn Sawaeng has been here; also Ajahn Kusalo, Ajahn Jotipalo and Tan Cunda. Tan Cunda has been supporting our Work-master, Samanera Jayamangalo, in sorting out the woefully neglected stores in the attic. Years of accumulated stuff has been expertly sorted and redistributed - anumodana. Ajahn Siripanyo and Tan Pesalo are still to arrive. On Sunday 4th June Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called Consuming the Sacred. Starting tomorrow, Saturday 10th June, Luang Por Tiradhammo will be leading a week-long retreat for the lay community.

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