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(picture: Samanera Indapannyo)

Samanera Indapannyo departed on Saturday, heading back to Cittaviveka monastery with a commitment to request the bhikkhu training later this year. Luang Por's first-Sunday-of-the-month Dhamma talk was delayed until the second-Sunday-of-the-month. On Monday, Monastery Mother Abramina Nouwt, arrived from Holland. Abramina has been visiting us here at Harnham regularly for over 20 years. Several of the Dhammapala Group from Leeds visited this past weekend. Some of them have been regulars at Harnham for over 30 years. Summer sunshine and intermittent rain-squalls means there is plenty of work waiting down at the lake. Next Saturday, 11th July, is a Lake Work Day so we are hoping for some progress. The wild-life continues to proliferate, recently with as many at ten mute swans milling around. The oystercatcher which occupied the island, valiantly and vociferously fending off any visitor that fail to show sufficient respect to her offspring, seems to have moved on. Following are some of the other airborne creators seen recently: pochard ducks, tufted ducks, Canadian geese, swallows, house martins, sand martins, sparrows, crows, coots, wrens, jackdaws, coal tits, great tits, moorhen, pied wagtails, grey wagtail, robins, turquoise damselflies, tortoiseshell butterflies and a heron.