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Full-moon Update - April 2020

Today, Tuesday 7th, is the Full Moon day for the month of April 2020. The next Full Moon day falls on Wednesday 6th May. This global crisis is not the spring that we expected to find at the end of our Winter Retreat; however this is what we have. What we also have is a lot of gratitude for the kindness and generosity shown to us throughout the winter. Anumodana. Now we all have to find ways of handling what life has given us.

Rather than providing details here of the various ways we have modified the monastic routine, it might be more effective if I simply provide links to current announcements.

If you would enjoy participating in our evening puja, here is a link to the livestream that takes place most nights of the week. You are welcome to send in questions to be considered at the Saturday evening talk (however only a few questions will be selected). 

If you wish to know about how food and general support is being delivered to the monastery, here is a link to a page with phone numbers and email addresses.

Probably most of us have never lived through such uncertain times. I've been pondering on some compassionate and wise council that Ajahn Chah once gave me at a time when I was struggling with great personal doubts and confusion: If something is uncertain and you insist that it be certain, you will suffer. Uncertainty is a fact. Struggling is the result of mishandling the facts. Kindness, creativity, patience, resilience; these all contribute to our being better able to meet life. 

Wishing that all beings be well in all ways.

Luang Por Munindo

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