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Full-moon Update - December 2019

Picture: Our new secretary, Anthony Morgan

Today, Wednesday 11th, is the Full Moon day for the month of December 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Thursday 9th January 2020. We had a Lake & Garden Workday last weekend, the final one for 2019. Workdays for 2020 should soon be posted on our calendar. Already on the calendar is an announcement for the midnight New Year's Eve Forgiveness and Aspiration Ceremony. This announcement also contains details of the activities planned for the first day of 2020. We hope as many of you as can will want to join us. Yesterday Samanera Adicco departed for Amaravati and Samanera Sucinno departed for Cittaviveka, where they will be spending the Winter Retreat. Two new talks by Luang Por Munindo have been posted on the website:  Bringing Light Into The World and Intensity, Agility, Kindness, Resolve.  Many of you will already be aware that our secretary, Penny, has recently moved away to Devon. She and our new secretary, Anthony Morgan, are currently going through a process of transition. After having been such a central and supportive participant in the life of this monastery for so many years, Penny will certainly be missed.