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Gently As It Goes

Picture: Gathering at the Luang Por Chah Memorial Stupa, Wat Pah Pong

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Wednesday 31st January; the next New Moon will be on Wednesday 14th February. We are one month into our annual three-month Winter Retreat and all seems to be flowing smoothly enough. On Sunday 7th January Nicolas Kermarc took the eight Anagarika Precepts. On Tuesday 16th January a huge crowd of sangha and lay friends gathered at Wat Pah Pong to mark the 100th anniversary of Ajahn Chah's birth. At Harnham we marked the occasion by listening to a recorded Dhamma talk from Ajahn Chah and reading a translation. Building work here has been interrupted by intermittent blasts of snow. Presently the project is progressing well. Ajahn Punnyo is expecting to be back with us around 10th February. Around the same time Tan Ratthapalo (originally from Philippines) is expecting to join us for one year. Regular public pujas each Sunday continue to take place but are generally very quiet. Luang Por Munindo still offers his first-Sunday-of-the-month Dhamma talk.