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Harnham Kathina

As expected, many good friends from our sister monasteries joined us for the annual Kathina on Sunday. Similarly, many good friends from the extended lay communities also joined us – over 300. As was not expected, the forecast rain didn’t appear. Luang Por Tiradhammo expressed his gratitude for the evident generosity by offering a Dhamma talk on the essential place of dana in our training. As usual, at the end of the event GRATITUDE bags were given out, packed with Dhamma books and a 2015 calendar. Ajahn Candasiri returned North on Sunday evening to her hermitage on the boarder of the Scottish Highlands. Luang Por Sucitto had to leave very early on Monday morning and the other Sangha guests departed on Tuesday. Considerable pressure was put upon Ajahn Nyanarato to stay longer but he had duties at Amaravati. Wednesday was New-moon day and on Thursday British Gas came to inspect the safety of our amenities. Thursday also saw most of us conducting a blessing ceremony at Khun Jeab’s new restaurant in Newcastle. Residents at the monastery will be significantly reduced from Saturday 25th until Wednesday 30th with several of us away at the Chithurst Monastery’s Kathina.