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Hilltop Newsletter: Friday 5th July, 2024

Today, Friday 5th, is the New Moon day for the month of July, 2024.

The next Uposatha Day is a Full Moon, and falls on Saturday, 20th July, 2024, which is Asalha Puja. The next day, 21st July, marks the beginning of this year's Rain Retreat (vassa).

Current residents at the monastery are: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo, Ajahn Mahachomgaew, Tan Samacitto and Samanera Attannyu.

Friday 21st June was the forty-third anniversary of the beginning of Aruna Ratanagiri: Harnham Buddhist Monastery.

New Q&A content has been added to the dhammakatha.org website. For those who aren't aware of this site, it is a platform for Buddhist practitioners to submit written questions via email. Responses by Luang Por Munindo, in audio format, are all under 15 minutes. New material is usually posted each New Moon and Full Moon.

On Sunday 26th May Luang Por Munindo gave a talk titled, The First 45 Years Were The Hardest. The talk encourages continuing to practice even when it seems like letting go just isn't happening. We don't know how or when our accumulated backlog of unmet life will fall away, which is why the path requires more than mere wilful effort and mental clarity. Faith, or trust in true principles, is essential. Having confidence on a personality level can support us in the beginning. Then we need to be willing to go beyond that initial confidence and, with agility and sensitivity, dare to trust and face the unknown. 


After almost a year of offering his skills in our monastery kitchen, Jacob is preparing to depart. Anumodana for being such an agreeable presence in our community. This means there is now space for a new volunteer kitchen manager. If anyone is interested, please see the announcement here.

A One Day Retreat in the Thai language has been arranged at Kusala House for 7th July, led by Ajahn Mahachomkaew.

A One Day Retreat (in English) has been arranged at Kusala House for 13th July, led by Aj. Sister Khemaka.

After having travelled down to Amaravati for his upasampada (to take place on Thursday 18th July), Samanera Attannyu is due to return on Friday 19th July. 

On Monday 15th July, Tan Samacitto is expected to return from Germany, hopefully with a renewed visa. 

On Tuesday 16th July Ajahn Thee should arrive back at Harnham. Around the same time Tan Tithako, from Wat Pah Nanachat, is due to arrive. 

All are joining the sangha at Harnham for this year's Rains Retreat.

Via ZOOM, on 13th July, 9am UK time, Luang Por Munindo will be conducting a LIVE Q&A session. 
Meeting ID: 834 4386 9973
Passcode: 123

The next Lake Work Day is tomorrow, Saturday 6th July. For future dates please see our on-line  calendar

The Annual General Meetings (AGM) for both the 'members' and the 'directors' (trustees) of Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust (HBMT) will take place on Saturday 3rd August, starting at 1pm. 

With good wishes.


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