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(picture: dawn at Harnham Lake)

There are those who discover
they can completely abandon confused reactions

and become patient as the earth;
 unintimidated by anger,
 unshaken as a pillar,

unperturbed as a clear and quiet pool.

Dhammapada v. 95

Every intentional action that we perform, by way of body, speech or mind, has consequences. On New Year's Eve a friendly crowd gathered in the Dhamma Hall to listen to Luang Por Munindo's talk on Exercising Spiritual Ability and to quietly contemplate this Dhammapada verse 95. Later on New Year's Day another friendly crowd (not so quiet) gathered at the meal time, also wishing to start the year with wholesome acts. 2016 has begun well! At Sunday evening puja Luang Por offered another Dhamma talk, this time on finding Sanity in the Midst of Insanity . In a few days - New Moon Day, Friday 8th January - our formal Winter Retreat for 2015 will begin. Already most guests have left and the monastery routine is settling down. Kutis have been allotted to kuti-dwellers and the Retreat Support Team is in place.  Anumodana . These news/blog posts will dwindled as per usual for the time of year, possibly to a monthly missive or perhaps an occasional photo.