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Jenny in the Garden with Secaters

Field mice sense the approaching winter and are trying to move into the house; we are trying to keep them out (compassionately). Luang Por Tiradhammo arrived on Tuesday and we are delighted that he can be with us right through until Saturday 26th October. Jenny-from-Leeds has been here this week sorting out the garden. As usual this is a time of year when we make extra effort to clean and polish the place. We are anticipating over a dozen sangha guests for Kathina on 19th October. Luang Por Sucitto will be amongst those guests. At his Kathina ceremony on 26th it will be announced that he is stepping down from the role of Abbot of Cittaviveka Monastery (after about 20 years) and that Ajahn Karuniko will be stepping up. Immediately after our Kathina Venerable Vinita will leave and return to Sri Lanka. Tan Ariyo will also move on having completed his five years Navaka Training. He plans to spend several months at Chithurst Monastery. It might be helpful if we could mention already that clocks go back at midnight on Saturday 25th which means our midday meal bell will start ringing at 11am.

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