Picture: a view from the new house

We want all of our friends and supporters to know about the celebrations planned for Saturday 1st October. The potential for wholesome things happening at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery will increase considerably with our moving into this new property - certainly something to celebrate! Currently the new house is known as Oxfoot. Once we have settled in, it will be known as Mangala House (Blessings House). Saturday's events will begin with a meal offering around 11.30 am. Everyone will then be invited to join in the dedication of the new place starting with a procession (authorities allowing) carrying the Buddha image down the hill, then followed by chanting and tree planting. Meanwhile, last Saturday Abramina-from-Holland joined us. Every Thursday Rolf-from-Whitley Bay joins us, helping out with those essential handyman tasks. On Saturday 17th September members of the Glasgow Group will join us when they bring down the ashes of James Scott who passed away earlier in the year. A ceremonial tree planting will take place after the meal around 12.30 pm. Anyone wishing to be part of this farewell to James, is welcome. Next Sunday, 18th September, Luang Por Munindo will offer a Dhamma talk called Leave It Up To The Buddha.

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