Kathina 2019/2562

Kathina celebrations 2019 at Harnham will take place on Sunday, 20th October, beginning at 10am with the rice pindabat.
This years' occasion is sponsored by Nick Pearce and Penny Wakefield-Pearce.
All are welcome. Feel free to bring friends and family!
If you would like to help or if you have any queries about the day, please contact Penny: 
For those who wish there are many ways to be involved, from bringing food and other offerings or donations, to helping with practical matters on the day such as washing up and car parking. Or just come and join in.
Parking will be in the monastery lake car park and a neighbour's field, with limited disabled parking in Kusala House car park. Please follow the parking marshal's directions for parking and dropping off food. 

9.30 - 10 am - Arriving

10.20 am - Formal Offering of the Food to the Bhikkhu Sangha.  (Cooked food should be placed on the tables provided). 

10.30 am -  Offering of Rice to the Sangha on Pindapata.  (All invited to join in).  The Sangha will then partake of the other food offerings.

10.45 am -  Shared Meal for All.  (Children will go through first). 

12.45 pm -  Assemble in the Dhamma Hall for the afternoon's proceedings.  

1.00 pm -  Requesting the Five Precepts/ Paritta Chanting/ Formal Offering of the Kathina Robe/ Dhamma Talk by Luang Por Sucitto