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Leaden Skies

Picture: Working by the Lake last Saturday

The New Moon for this month falls next Tuesday 29th November. So far we have not had snow, but there have been days when it felt like we were about to. Anti-slip wire-mesh now covers almost the entire boardwalk around the lake, providing some degree of increased safety. A good turnout of friends last Saturday meant a lot of work was done. A sizeable gathering of Burmese friends from Glasgow (and beyond) joined us on Sunday to honour the life of Dr. Thin Thin Saing's mother who recently passed away. Also on Sunday Ajahn Abhinando led the monthly Practice and Study Day, this time on the theme of 'aversion'. Ajahn Punnyo gave a talk in the evening on The Real World. We were pleased to welcome Tan Thitapannyo's parent's who visited us from US for a few days. Now we have Samanera Jinavaro's father from France visiting. Later today we look forward to welcoming Tan Sudhammo who is due to arrive from Wat Nanachat in NE Thailand, hopefully for a good long stay.