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Ajahns Sudanto and Siripannyo left on Monday and Luang Por Tiradhammo arrived on Tuesday. Luang Por Tira, as he is known, was the abbot at Harnham in the very early days and is responsible for much of the setting up of the properties and establishing the groups. These days he spends a good deal of his time at Poh Jom Gom Monastery near Wat Pah Nanachat, sweeping leaves and appreciating the quiet. His recent blog entry can be found here. His recent Dhamma books can be found here. Our new anagarika Marc, is appreciating the skill and attention of the medical staff at the Royal Infirmary in Newcastle after suffering a serious fall resulting in major fractures to his shoulder. Before leaving, Ajahn Sudanto offered a Dhamma talk reflecting on how we might learn as we progress along the way. On Wednesday a group of students from York University learnt by meeting with Ajahn Punnyo. This weekend of 11th and 12th we look forward to hosting participants in a weekend retreat and on Sunday members of the Sri Lankan community have their monthly appointment with Venerable Vinita.

Lp tiradhammo sweeping