Luang Por's birthday celebration - September 19

Earlier this year in March Harnham reached a landmark. For thirty years Luang Por has been serving the community as abbot, through thick and thin. This month there will be another anniversary as Luang Por turns seventy on September 16th. The following weekend, on Sunday 19th September, some friends of Harnham have been organising an event to mark the occasion. We hope that many of you will be able to join us. The main Dhamma Hall will be open to visitors from 2pm to 4pm on the 19th. There should be plenty of time for everyone to come into the hall and pay respects to the shrine and greet Luang Por.

On that day if anyone wishes to make offerings of cooked food in the vestibule they are welcome to do so between 10am and 10.30am. It would be appreciated if you could please contact us in advance so we can be prepared.
Email: and telephone 01661 881 612.
Please feel free to contact Bee: 07912 683 576 or Annie: 07742 876 521 if you’d like to speak with one of the organisers of the afternoon event.

The community continues to be careful as the pandemic is still around. If possible please can you park your car down at the lake car park and walk up the hill, if you do decide to visit the monastery on 19th September. There’ll be stewards to help guide you. The car park at Kusala House is available for those who would find the walk difficult. Please come in via the Memorial Garden entrance when you approach the Dhamma Hall. Clear signs will be in place. We ask that you put on a mask and use the hand sanitisers that are available. Somebody at the door will point you in the right direction. Luang Por will be there handing out our annual Forest Sangha calendar for 2022. He will also distribute some booklets of transcribed talks. One of these is called “Sitting In The Buddha’s Waiting Room”. Luang Por uses the talk to carefully describe the five spiritual faculties, he talks about just-knowing awareness and the early days at Chithurst as well as helpfully illustrating his themes with stories. At the event Luang Por’s latest book, In Any Given Moment will also be available for free distribution.