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(picture: garden Buddha)

The sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri marked Ajahn Chah's birthday with puja on Wednesday evening, 17th June. On Sunday 21st June they marked Luang Por Munindo's 39th bhikkhu ordination anniversary. Luang Por gave a Dhamma talk at puja on Saturday evening called,  'Escaping this Agony of Egoity'. His pocket-book publication, A Dhammapada for Contemplation, is ready to be sent off for reprinting and should be available for distribution again shortly. Dhammapada Reflections Vol. 3 is nearly ready. Ajahn Abhinando attended the Dhammapala Group in Leeds for their regular meeting on Friday night. We heard from Ajahn Punnyo in Thailand who is doing well. A sizeable group of lay friends from down south came to stay for two nights, accompanying a Sri Lankan bhikkhu who visits most years. Ajahn Nyanarato from Amaravati is expected to visit from 24th June to 2nd July and will lead a retreat from 26th - 30th June. We ask anybody planning to pop in during those dates to kindly respect the silence. Meanwhile, the sun has been shining, the sky is blue and the clematis is going wild.

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