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Meetings and Gatherings

picture: Ajahn Punnyo visiting Nepal

The Full Moon for this month falls tomorrow, Thursday 21st April. Last Sunday 17th, saw a large crowd here observing the New Year celebration (Songkran), participating in bathing the Buddha image and the ritual of forgiveness. We welcomed guests from China, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the UK, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Brazil and perhaps more. This week Luang Por Munindo and Ajahn Abhinando are both away at Amaravati for a gathering of our 7 European monasteries. Luang Por is expected back by Thursday and Ajahn Abhinando by Sunday. Our good friend (and monastery Grandma), Abramina-from-Holland, arrived yesterday on 19th. Another especially dear friend, Ajahn Punnyo-from-Ampleforth, is expected to arrive on Friday 29th. For those who would appreciate the advance notice, on Saturday 30th April, several folk plan to gather around the midday meal to welcome Ajahn Punnyo back after his year away. And then Sunday 1st May we will mark Ajahn Abhinando's 50th birthday.

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