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Minimal Winter

Picture: Penny and Charlie begin the hedge planting

Stephen, the local fence builder has put in a new fence on the eastern boundary of the monastery and several Thai students from Newcastle sponsored and helped plant a new hedge. We are glad and grateful for Ajahn Anando's companionship. On Sunday Ajahn Punnyo gave a talk on the Five Hindrances and next Sunday Ajahn Abhinando will continue the contemplation on the Five Hindrances at the Sunday Practice and Study day. Samanera Jinavaro is preparing to depart for Amaravati this Friday; the plan is for him to return after the Winter Retreat, in April. Our Retreat Support Team is gradually shaping up; so far Christopher-from-Canada and Charlie-from-Guildford are here with Anagarika Jagaro overseeing the team.

Hedge%20planting 02