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New Buddha Rupa

Picture: A Buddha rupa offered to our monastery

(For this year these news/blogs will appear on the same day as the new- and full-moon days i.e. fortnightly, as opposed to the weekly Wednesday postings of the past). The Full Moon for this month falls today 11th April 2017. At last Saturday evening's puja Luang Por Munindo delivered a Dhamma talk called Mindful Listening. We plan to mark the traditional South Asia New Year (Thai: Songkran) on Sunday 16th April with the midday meal offering ceremony beginning around 10.00 am. The New Moon for April will be Tuesday 25th. On the Full Moon of next month, Wednesday 10th May, an approximately 5 foot high, white stone, Buddha rupa, originally from Borobudur, is due to be delivered to our monastery by our friend Ian Donaldson. Ian has had it in his garden for a long time but is about to move house so now wants it to have a home here at Harnham. Anumodana. We are awaiting a reply from the Council in regards any relevant regulations etc. The annual celebration of Vesak is planned for Sunday 7th May. Beside honouring the Birth, Enlightenment and Final Passing of the Buddha, it will be an occasion for saying farewell to Ajahn Abhinando and also an opportunity to greet Ajahn Jayanto who plans to be visiting at that time. He intends to bring most members of his monastery in New Hampshire (US) with him. 

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