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New Moon Newsletter: April 2022

Today, Friday 1st, is the New Moon day for the month of April 2022. The next Uposatha Day will be the Full Moon and falls on Saturday 16th April.

Winter Retreat for 2022 has finished and we express our gratitude for the thoughtfulness and generosity shown during this time. There are a few announcements to make, but since we are still getting used to the Covid restrictions being lifted there is also a degree of uncertainty. 

On Saturday 9th April, all going well, there will be an 'in-person' meeting at the monastery of the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trustees. 

And then on Sunday 10th April we are expecting to mark the South and Southeast Asia New Year (Thai: Songkran). Events begin at 10.30 am in the Dhamma Hall.

Saturday 23rd April should see a gathering for the first proper Lake Work Day of the year. All invited. 

Please note that the midday meal time now takes place at 11.30 am and we would ask donors who wish to make offerings in the conservatory to be here well before 11 am.

As mentioned above, other changes can be expected e.g. opening of Kusala House guest accommodation, beginners' meditation classes, Saturday evening pujas. Information regarding these changes will be mentioned in special ANNOUNCEMENTS that will be sent out. The information on the current ANNOUNCEMENTS page still holds though this is likely to change after the New Year's event on 9th April.

For the latest talk given at Aruna Ratanagiri please see: Different Ways of Dealing with Suffering.

With good wishes,

Ajahn Munindo

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